Transfer Pricing

Proven Transfer Pricing Services
Transfer pricing is the practice of charging prices for the supply of goods or services to a related entity (usually wholly owned) in such a way as to repatriate profits or affect tax or duty bills in your favor. In today’s world of global business, it is a reality that has become hard to avoid. Although not a new concept, as the global market expands, transfer pricing information, documentation and guidelines have become increasingly complex. Tax authorities around the world demand that businesses pay close attention to their transfer pricing procedures.

Appraisal Economics has years of international transfer pricing and tax planning experience. This experience has been obtained from working with some of the largest multinational corporations in nearly every corner of the globe. We provide expert advice you can rely on.

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International Transfer Pricing
As international transfer pricing develops into one of the most important and complex tax issues that modern businesses must deal with, the need for qualified expertise increases. Taxation authorities are investigating transfer pricing arrangements with increased vigor. When it comes to this complex analysis, Appraisal Economics Inc. supplies both high quality information and expertise that holds up under the toughest scrutiny. We can help you understand and implement complex transfer pricing guidelines.

Economic Consultation Services
At Appraisal Economics, our staff is experienced in providing economic consultation and advice in connection with the analysis of complex transactions and business arrangements for regulatory and tax compliance, planning, and litigation support purposes.

We are a full service valuation firm with an outstanding reputation supported by years of experience. Our clients include many of the largest corporations in the world, government agencies, and legal and accounting firms.

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Appraisal Economics offers a wide variety of independent valuation services to the business, financial and legal communities. Contact our experienced team today and read more about our industry expertise and services offered, including obtaining information about intangible assets and transfer pricing. Please follow the links below for more information:

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