Trademark Valuations

Your firm is defending a Fortune 1000 client whose trademark values are under scrutiny by the IRS. Your corporation is looking to sell a trademark or perhaps your company wants to determine the royalty rate for licensing purposes. Each instance represents a situation where a trademark appraisal is necessary in determining the overall value of the trademark in question. Having a trademark appraisal allows firms to properly defend their position during a variety of circumstances. For litigation involving the IRS, a trademark valuation gives the parties a better understanding of the value of the company’s trademarks.

Appraisal Economics’ senior team members often act as expert witnesses in defending a trademark’s value. Knowing the value of a trademark is an essential factor in understanding its monetary benefits, which in turn helps determine how that trademark’s value affects a company’s overall worth. Comprehending the value of trademarks and other intangible assets provide companies with the ability to better communicate their overall worth, as well as defend it. Often, companies need to utilize trademark valuations to aid in calculating their purchase price. Or, they can also be useful in calculating the royalty rate for licensing purposes.

Appraisal Economics is an international industry leader in providing valuation services, including appraisals of trademarks, patents, and much more. Our proven methods meet or exceed industry standards, which means our clients receive the high-level service they expect. Contact our professionals to receive more information about the trademark valuation services we have available.

Our Trademark Appraisal Methods
There are many situations where the appraisal of a trademark comes into question. The strategy an appraisal company uses to determine the value of trademarks directly affects the calculation of a company’s overall worth. As such, it’s necessary to understand the appraisal firm’s methodology before making a decision about the firm you hire. Appraisal Economics ensures an accurate, defensible and objective trademark valuation by employing some of the industry’s best engineers, tax, and appraisal consultants.

Our methods begin with an in-depth meeting between Appraisal Economics and the company’s management team to discuss historical records and financial projections for the trademarks. It’s imperative that a trademark valuation take into account name recognition, advertising expenses, the competition, the overall financial performance, and prospects for the future. The next step is to perform an in-depth search to gain information regarding market royalty rates on comparable trademarks. We then analyze historical investments that were made to promote these trademarks. Our professionals complete a thorough financial analysis, which includes a development of all assumptions and valuation models that are necessary in determining both the royalty rate and fair market value.

Trademark Valuation Experts
Appraisal Economics has international experience in providing trademark appraisals as well as the valuation of patents and other intangible assets. Our professionals provide high-level service and an accurate, defensible trademark valuation. One recent engagement involved providing valuations for over 30 well known trademarks owned by a major food company in Tax Court. Our staff testified to the value of the trademarks in connection with the company’s allocation of the purchase price to several intangible assets.

Understanding the complexities surrounding a trademark valuation is critical. Please take a moment to read more about our trademark valuation services or please contact us for more information.

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