Staying at the top of our field requires continued research and education which has led to our experts being published in academic journals and industry publications.


The partners and staff of Appraisal Economics are committed to the development of the appraisal profession and demonstrating thought leadership by writing articles that seek to educate our audience about current events and popular topics, and also to shine light on issues that others may overlook. Our articles may be published in academic journals or industry publications, or disseminated to current and potential clients and other interested parties via our website. We also include articles written by journalists and other third parties who, in the course of their research, contact the independent valuation experts at Appraisal Economics to gain a deeper and clearer understanding of valuation topics before those third parties publish their articles in newspapers and online.

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When sponsoring or presenting at industry trade groups, conferences, meetings, and other professional gatherings, some topics are better conveyed in the form of a visual presentation rather than a typical article.

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Economic Reviews

A critical part of any valuation is the analysis of current and prospective economic conditions. Our economists continually survey various publications and economic indicators, and we publish the AE Quarterly Economic Review as of March, June, September, and December to summarize the highlights. Economic indicators include measures such as gross domestic product, inflation, employment, consumer sentiment, stock markets, and interest rates, as well as merger and acquisition and IPO activity levels. Statements by central banks, projections of economic activity by non-government organizations, and global events play a large role in an increasingly interconnected world.

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