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We are an independent valuation firm specializing in appraising businesses and business assets. Our range of services includes valuations for accounting, tax, transactions, financing, insurance, and litigation. Since 1989, we have performed thousands of appraisals across virtually every industry.

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Appraisal Economics’ founding partners came from the Big 4 accounting and management consulting firms. Our wide range of valuation experience around the world has enabled Appraisal Economics to become a global leader in appraisal and valuation services. We work with a diverse range of clients, from multi-billion dollar publicly traded companies to government agencies to early stage companies. Over more than three decades, our team has grown to include appraisers, financial analysts, accountants, economists, and engineers. By having a specialized team from a wide range of backgrounds, we are able to view projects from multiple perspectives and can better serve our clients.

Our Expertise

At Appraisal Economics, we specialize in one area—valuation. Unlike other valuation firms, Appraisal Economics is an independent company that does not engage in auditing, investment banking, or securities trading. This reduces the possibility for conflicts of interest, real and perceived. Our team is focused exclusively on the research, analysis, and reporting to meet your valuation needs. By making valuations our sole focus, we provide the highest level of expertise.

Our Track Record

We have appraised thousands of business interests and assets worldwide, including publicly traded companies for their IPOs, major and minor league sports teams, utility pipelines, pharmaceutical companies with promising early stage drugs, and even the rights to satellite orbit paths in outer space. We have valued power plants, paper mills, and chemical plants worldwide, and a complex profits interest in one of Manhattan’s tallest buildings that cost more than $3 billion to construct. We have valued hundreds of literary and music copyrights, and intellectual property and intangible assets for cross-border transactions.


Our Services

We value a range of assets including: business interests, complex securities, intangible assets, goodwill, real estate, and machinery and equipment. We provide appraisal services for accounting, tax, litigation, transactions and other purposes.

Get to Know Our Team

Our team members hold designations and credentials from organizations such as the American Society of Appraisers, the American Institute of CPAs, the CFA Institute, and various real estate licensing boards. We have authored numerous articles and lectured extensively on a range of valuation topics. Many members of the Appraisal Economics team have received U.S. government security clearances, which enables us to work on projects of an extremely sensitive nature that are beyond the reach of other valuation firms. We have extensive experience providing expert witness testimony in federal, state, and tax courts, at arbitration hearings, and at Federal Communication Commission hearings. Our team members have graduated from some of the top universities in the United States and have gained unique experiences that give us the perspective needed for any engagement.

What Sets Us Apart

With our employees being former members of accounting firms, investment banks, equity research firms, and engineering firms, we provide diversified real-world experience to meet your valuation needs. Additionally, we have a deep understanding of common and complex appraisal issues such as options and other derivative investments. We believe that the growth and development of our team is critical to our work and advocate for continuing education programs, allowing us to stay on top of important news and trends in the industry.

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