Valuation Articles


The Retail Industry Bounces Back
The retail industry and consumer preferences have been affected by economic, demographic, and technological changes. In this article we review some of the changes experienced by our clients in the retail industry.

Government Incentives and the Valuation of Wind Parks
Should the 30 percent federal investment tax credit (ITC) on the construction cost of a new wind park (or other renewable energy project) be automatically deducted from the original cost that is recorded for property tax assessment purposes?

Valuing a Component Technology of an Integrated Manufacturing Process
Valuing a single technology used in an integrated manufacturing process has unique complexities and poses unique challenges.

Intellectual Property and Asset-Based Lending
Intellectual Property (IP) assets, such as patents, are increasingly being used as collateral in what is generally referred to as “asset-based lending”.

Automotive Industry Update
Sales of cars and light trucks have increased and are approaching the pre-recession peak reached in 2006. Automakers are evolving to face new challenges.

Update No. 2014-18 — Business Combinations (Topic 805)
FASB’s recent guideline related to the application of ASC 805 for private companies has potential benefits and potential pitfalls to consider.

Clean Power Plan (PDF)
The Clean Power Plan released by the Obama Administration and EPA on August 3, 2015 has significant implications for power and energy companies.

Social Media Valuation (PDF) 451KB
Understanding social media valuation is multi-faceted. What is a social media website worth? What are you worth to these sites and companies? The answer might surprise you.

The Guide to Solvency Opinions (PDF) 227KB
If you have a financial stake in a leveraged transaction or are concerned about protecting yourself in the case of a company’s bankruptcy, a solvency opinion is an invaluable tool. Obtaining a solvency opinion from the right firm will help protect your assets in a wide range of circumstances.

How to Value a Startup Business(PDF) 166KB
This whitepaper seeks to present the process of providing a proper valuation for a startup firm, reinforcing the need for accuracy with famous upstarts as case studies.

The Role of an Expert Witness (PDF) 449KB
An expert witness is a person who has specific knowledge, training, education, skills, and/or experience that is superior to that of the average person. Federal and state courts permit expert witnesses to testify during cases in order to assist the judge and/or jury in reaching a decision.

What Gives Your Business Value? (PDF) 4MB
When determining the value of a business, there are a few key factors to take into consideration. Here are some of the factors that an appraiser will look for in a business.

Trump Gets Chance for Tax Cut Moving Trademarks to Delaware
In this Bloomberg article, Joseph Kettell (one of Appraisal Economics’ managing directors) was quoted about the valuation and tax implications of the trademarks that are owned by the 2016 Republican presidential nominee.