Providing the best service means hiring the best talent. Interested in a career with a leading valuation firm?

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Our Goal

At Appraisal Economics, we strive to provide the best service possible, always putting our clients first. The valuation industry is highly competitive and we are defined by the quality of our work. We understand that being a leading firm means providing the best research and analysis, and delivering results in a way that helps those who rely on us. To do that, we work hard to attract, grow, motivate, and inspire leaders in valuation. That starts with hiring the most qualified people and then helping them to become even better.

What We Seek

To meet the high standards of publicly traded and privately held companies that have national and international operations, we seek team members that are intelligent, energetic, ethical, and can contribute to our operations on multiple levels. We recruit people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Current and former employees have joined us from accounting, equity research, engineering, investment banking, and other fields. Many have held senior positions in their respective industries prior to joining us, while others have joined upon graduation from undergraduate or graduate programs. We look for people with excellent technical and communication skills who bring unique perspective to our company.

What We Expect

We demand the best of ourselves, and of each other. We need people who bring enthusiasm to the office and are excited to work on a wide range of challenging engagements. The nature of our projects is a combination of independent and team-based work, which requires people who excel in both environments. As our clients rely on us for valuations that are used for financial reporting, tax compliance, transactions, and litigation, ethics and integrity are critical.

What We Offer

We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package, and we provide on- and off-site education to help each member of our team meet their personal goals and reach their true potential. We recognize that each person is unique, and we work hard to match corporate projects with personal interests and preferences. Although client deadlines can at times require extra effort, we pride ourselves on offering a true “work-life” balance. We understand that an exciting and challenging career doing meaningful work is only one part of a fulfilling life, and that time outside the office is just as important.

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We’re always looking for talented people to join our firm and help us grow. To learn what a career at AE might look like for you, please send your resume to and tell us a little bit about yourself.