Depth of Experience

Since 1989, we have completed thousands of engagements. Our experience across industries is as wide as our range of experience across the globe. Some of our assignments have included valuations related to:

  • Expert witness testimony in a federal jury trial relating to the valuation of private equity interests
  • Performance awards issued as stock-based compensation for the largest REIT IPO in U.S. history
  • Satellite orbital slots and other intangible assets as part of a private equity-backed leveraged buyout of a multi-billion dollar satellite services provider
  • Tangible and intangible assets of an integrated paper mill in the Pacific Northwest
  • Equity in a medical device company for the Internal Revenue Service related to a tax dispute.
  • Solvency opinion for a defense contractor serving U.S. and foreign government agencies prior to its IPO
  • Copyrights and other intellectual property of a major comic book publisher for financing purposes
  • A Major League Baseball team for litigation support purposes
  • Fractional interests in a holding company owning several thousand bottles of rare wines stored in a historic chateau in France
  • Privately held equity units of a leading global private equity firm with $200 billion under management
  • Purchase price allocation and goodwill impairment testing for one of the premier manufacturers of highly engineered building products
  • Biomass facility in Uruguay for bank financing purposes
  • Preferred equity of a biotech company in Phase 2 of FDA clinical trials
  • Certain draft rights held by an NFL team
  • The “secret” recipe of a popular mayonnaise for a major food manufacturer, for transfer pricing purposes
  • Receivables related to several exposed Ponzi schemes, including Bernard L. Madoff
  • A Brazilian hedge fund created by the former President of The Central Bank of Brazil
  • A virtual museum that presents the history of financial regulation in the United States, with documents dating from the 1700s
  • Hundreds of music copyrights to value the royalty income for gift and estate tax purposes
  • A patent for a molecule that may treat certain cancers
  • Preferred shares in a vertically integrated conglomerate of companies serving the medical cannabis industry, done for estate tax purposes.

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