Valuation Presentations

Valuation of Power Plants Court Cases (PDF)
Appraisal Economics is a recognized leader in the valuation of power plants and transmission lines. Please contact Joseph Kettell at for more information.

Valuation of Renewable Energy Facilities (PDF)
This presentation provides background information on the wind and solar industries, with a focus on property tax issues for utility scale projects. For more information please contact Joseph Kettell at

Photovoltaic Solar Systems (PDF)
This presentation focuses on incentives and policies in New Jersey and California and how these states have become the nation’s leaders in PV solar installations. Please contact Joseph Kettell at for more information.

Valuing Merchant Power Plants (PDF)
Today, merchant power plants are experiencing new competition from government-supported renewable energy projects including wind, solar, and biofuel. In addition, merchant coal fired power plants have pressure from heightened environmental issues and competing plants that can take advantage of low natural gas prices. Even older natural gas plants are now operating at reduced capacity factors because of new renewable energy projects. If you need an appraisal of your power plant for these or other reasons, please contact Joseph Kettell at