Patent Valuation Services

Accurate patent valuation services are critical in many situations. Perhaps your law firm is prosecuting the defense on behalf of your client in a case centered on the infringement of a patent. Maybe your accounting firm is representing a client that needs to understand the worth of their overall company for tax reporting purposes. Or perhaps your business may need to understand the value or sale price of its latest technology.

In all three instances, an accurate and timely patent valuation report is a crucial variable. In a patent infringement case, in order to prove loss of income, an accurate patent valuation report must be completed to show the real value of what they have lost. A valuation firm determining the total worth of a business cannot completely identify that worth just based on hard assets and working capital; they must take other intangible assets, such as patents and other intellectual property, into account. Further, the sale price of technology isn’t accurately represented unless you know, and include, the value of the patent.

There are several different situations in which a patent valuation becomes a necessary component of a company’s worth. With the increasing need for business valuation services in recent years, due to the growing amount of claims and disputes, knowing the true value of your business and its patents is critical. Appraisal Economics offers valuations of patents for clients in a variety of industries. Our experienced and trusted opinions and methodologies have been used in providing litigation support, financing, book and tax reporting, and for intercompany technology transfers.

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Professional Patent Value Services

Patent value assessments can be a complex process. A proper patent valuation report could be required to assist in the sale of technology, or the intercompany transfer of that technology. A shareholder may need patent valuation services to assess the true worth of the company. Different patent valuations require different considerations and require complex analysis. At Appraisal Economics, we meet these complexities head on by using the most up-to-date patent valuation methods.

We start by having in-depth conversations with company management about the history of and financial projections for their technology. We specifically pay attention to instances where similar technologies may have been licensed within the industry. All of this information allows us to produce a detailed financial analysis to determine the value of a patent. In providing patent valuation services, we meet or exceed all relevant industry standards, and our clients have come to expect a high level of service from our team of proven industry leaders. Appraisal Economics will work with you in providing the most defensible assessment of value for your patents.

Leaders in Patent Valuation Services

Appraisal Economics has developed strong and proven techniques for the valuation of patents. Our opinions and reports are used and recognized at an international level, which is why we have become a leader in our industry. No matter the situation or client, we are dedicated to providing accurate and thorough valuation reports.

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