Wind Project Valuation

A company is looking to acquire a new facility and possibly sell an existing facility. A law firm defending a privately held company with wind power assets is looking to understand the company’s books. A bank is reviewing financial information for a wind power company interested in a loan. These three situations are a small representation of the many instances where the need to determine the value of a wind project is needed, requiring a complete understanding of a wind power facility’s value. When buying or selling one of these facilities, a wind power valuation is necessary to determine the facility’s selling price. During litigation, a lawyer may need a wind power valuation to defend a project under scrutiny from the IRS, federal government or other judicial agency. Knowing a facility’s value also helps a financial institution when determining future allocation of funds. Most financing entities understand the importance of knowing a wind power facility’s value, especially when determining which assets can be used for collateral.

Appraisal Economics has over 20 years of experience providing power plant valuations, including the valuation of wind projects and solar projects. Our proven methods produce timely opinions during any critical situation when knowing asset value matters. Feel free to contact us with questions regarding a wind power valuation or any other power plant appraisal.

Valuing Wind Power Projects
The way in which an appraisal firm determines a wind power facility’s value is important as each facility has its own set of complexities to consider. The firm you choose must have a thorough understanding of the situations where the valuation of a wind power facility is necessary, and must also be able to provide the most accurate and objective valuation services. Appraisal Economics is an experienced leader among valuation firms. We use a combination of proven methodologies including multiple approaches to determine a wind project’s overall value.

Visiting the facility in question is our first step in providing an accurate wind project valuation. Then we collect documents such as purchase agreements, construction data, and financial data as part of our analysis. Our next step in the process is to analyze historical financial data using the income approach method. This allows us to prepare a pro forma cash flow that models the facility’s expected earnings which are discounted to present value to reflect the fair market value. We will also consider the market approach, assuming sufficient market data is available. Our professionals work closely with clients throughout this process to ensure an accurate, timely appraisal.

Wind Power Valuation Experts
There are many critical situations that demand an accurate, objective wind project valuation, and solid, proven methods produce the most accountable reports. At Appraisal Economics, our experienced professionals provide a high-level of service and power plant knowledge. Our senior and key team members are often expert witnesses during litigation proceedings and are accustomed to high pressure situations. We strive to meet and exceed relevant industry standards, which is what our clients have come to expect. Please contact our professionals for more information regarding a wind project valuation or any of our other services.

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