Valuing Intellectual Property

Appraisal Economics is proud to offer a full-range of intellectual property valuation services to aid you and your company in understanding the valuation of patents, trademarks, copyrights, domain names, proprietary information and other forms of intellectual property.

The approach we employ at Appraisal Economics is rather simple. In short, we attempt to understand all of your company’s assets and your specific situation prior to beginning any research or analysis. Next, once we have a thorough understanding of your intellectual property, we undertake our analysis and include all relevant inputs as well as consider all possible resources.

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Transferring Intellectual Property
The transferring of intellectual property can occur for many reasons. For example, a company may realize certain tax benefits by transferring intellectual property into a holding company. In other instances, commercializing a new technology may involve the transfer of intellectual property to a joint venture. Moreover, negotiating licensing and royalty agreements are also circumstances where valuing intellectual property may become an issue. Whatever the case, creating a reliable technique for establishing these values requires a combination of specialized skills, which are embodied by the professionals at Appraisal Economics.

Complex Valuation Situations
Valuing intellectual property is unique for each situation, and therefore a single blueprint approach will not provide you with an accurate representation of value. Consequently, at Appraisal Economics, we believe in performing a professional, competent and thorough intellectual property analysis specific to your needs for each and every project.

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