Copyright Valuation

Copyrights are a form of legal protection for intellectual property. Intellectual property is a creation of the mind. Intellectual property that may be copyrighted includes original literary, musical, dramatic, and artistic works. These creative works are embodied in a form that can be shared, recreated, emulated, or manufactured. Copyright protection grants exclusive ownership rights to reproduce, distribute, perform, and display the works publicly under title 17 of the U.S. Code. The value of a copyright stems from the exclusive right to use and profit from the protected works. Copyright infringement is punishable under U.S. Civil law.

Appraisal Economics is an industry leader in performing copyright appraisals and other business valuation services. Please contact our professionals for more information about these services and our proven methods for accurate, defensible appraisals.

Our Copyright Appraisal Process

Appraisal Economics uses a rigorous and proven methodology to ensure accurate copyright valuations. We begin with an informational meeting to better understand the history and nature of the copyrights and the assets protected by the copyrights. We consider historical and projected financial data, if any, associated with the copyrights. Then we perform in-depth research to gather market-based information on sales, licensing transactions, royalty rates, and other data for comparable copyrights and comparable underlying assets.

Based on the facts and circumstances of each case, we project cash inflows attributable to, or cash outflows avoided due to, the copyrights. These projected cash flows are converted to a single present value using a discount rate that reflects the relative risk, or uncertainty, of the cash flows. Our scope of work includes developing all necessary assumptions and valuation models to determine the fair market value of the copyrights and conveying the results of our work in a written report.

Intellectual Property Valuation Experts

With over 30 years of experience and highly credentialed professionals, Appraisal Economics is an industry leader in providing accurate copyright valuations. We are committed to providing a robust, defensible opinion of value in a well-organized appraisal report in a timely manner. Our services also include other forms of intellectual property protection, including trademarks, patents, and trade secrets, as well as other tangible and intangible assets.

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