Patents and Proprietary Technology Valuation

Intangible assets play a large role in determining the overall value of a business, and most business owners understand that obtaining the value of these assets is important and necessary in some situations. Patent valuation, along with other intangible asset valuations, plays a large role in determining the overall value of a company. Patent valuation is not specific to certain industries or businesses, and in some instances, placing a value on patents is required. For example, corporations or law firms seeking retribution for patent infringement on behalf of themselves or their clients need a patent valuation in order to prove loss of income. Also, with more and more technological advances taking place over a broad spectrum of businesses, there has been a greater need to protect and understand the underlying value that technology creates. Appraisal Economics is experienced in providing accurate patent valuation services to a broad range of businesses across several different industries.

Determining The Patent Value

Appraisal Economics employs industry recognized methods to ensure defensible, accurate patent valuations. Our patent valuation methodology begins with a discussion between Appraisal Economics and company management to better understand the nature and history of the technology and the financial projections for that technology. We then review overall industry information about similar technology, specifically paying attention to instances where it may have been licensed. A detailed analysis of the future financial prospects is undertaken to aid in determining the patent value. Then, our experienced staff completes a financial analysis that includes the development of all assumptions and valuation models necessary to determine the value of the patent.

The need for patent valuations can vary from industry to industry. Appraisal Economics has years of trusted experience providing patent valuation services for several different situations, including:

  • The acquisition of a business
  • Determining the sale price of technology
  • Transferring technology between units
  • Assessing the borrowing capacity for future funding
  • Bookkeeping and taxation
  • And much more

Proven Industry Leaders in Patent Valuation

Appraisal Economics understands the importance and difficulties that can come with determining the valuation of patents. Our reports and opinions are known nationwide, as a result of our years of experience and the quality of our work. For more information regarding our patent valuation services, or our other business valuation services, please feel free to contact us at any time.