Tangible Assets Valuation

Accurate, defensible tangible asset valuation services play a critical role in many business situations, ranging from the mundane to the esoteric. Real and personal property tangible asset valuations are important for tax and financial reporting, asset monitoring, property insurance, ad valorem taxes and replacement budgeting. At the other end of the spectrum, valuation of tangible assets can be an indispensable tool in establishing prices, justifying positions to stockholders and satisfying governmental concerns in the course of corporate mergers, acquisitions, refinancing and restructuring.

Real property includes industrial, commercial and municipal land, building improvements, and easements. Personal property refers to machinery, equipment, inventory, motor vehicles, trade fixtures, furniture, computer equipment, wiring, piping and the like.

At Appraisal Economics, we have the personnel, expertise and resources to provide detailed property analyses and tangible asset valuations using several perspectives, including comparable sales, replacement cost and income approaches. Also, we maintain a comprehensive system of personal property class coding that we use to provide a more detailed valuation for specific types of assets –a more detailed and accurate process than simple gross trending for all machinery and equipment. Our depth and experience make it possible for us to deliver these services in a timely fashion, even under tight deadline pressure.

Along with a tangible asset valuation’s important function in specific applications such as insurance claims and taxes, maintaining an accurate property record increases control over major investments in facilities and equipment. In order to optimize cash flow and secure the most favorable tax treatment, property owners must be able to distinguish between costs associated with real property and personal property. Our tangible asset valuations have stood up to review by local, state and federal regulatory agencies, and it is Appraisal Economics’ policy to support our tangible asset valuations whenever they are challenged.

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