Real Estate Appraisal Services

Appraisal Economics is capable of providing traditional real estate appraisal services throughout the United States. We are accustomed to working in large and small markets across the country. Our approach to real estate appraisals is always the same: know the local market. When preparing a real estate appraisal, we deal with local property owners and managers, sales and leasing brokers, government officials, and other appraisers. These discussions are part of every assignment, and when completed, provide us with a clear understanding of the history of the local market as well as the market’s perception of the future.

Our real estate appraisals are used for a variety of purposes, including purchase price allocation relating to ASC 805 and 350 (formerly FASB 141 and 142), bankruptcy proceedings, gift and estate tax planning, litigation support, and mortgage lending. Of particular interest to organizations requiring real estate appraisals for purchase price allocation, Appraisal Economics can also provide intangible assets analyses and machinery/equipment appraisals that are required for the allocation.

It is not uncommon for real estate appraisers to determine market value in the course of performing the appraisal. In the case of special purpose industrial properties, or properties located in rural or depressed markets, market value may be very low; however, the value “in-use,” which specifically relates to the operator, may be much greater. We have the experience and expertise to identify such issues and address them at the start of the engagement.

Clients requiring real estate appraisals of multiple properties in diverse geographic areas are faced with the challenge of engaging many appraisers to accomplish this task. Inconsistencies in terms of valuation methodology are bound to occur when working with many different firms. Appraisal Economics is frequently engaged to perform such multiple property engagements. Our staff is capable of coordinating these types of undertakings and delivering to the client a product that is consistent, timely, and easily understood.

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