Real Estate Appraisal Advisory Services

Appraisal Economics provides a broad range of real estate appraisal and advisory services that are distinct from traditional real estate appraisal companies.

Ad Valorem Taxes

Appraisal Economics has decades of experience providing appraisals for real property and personal property taxes. We have served both taxpayers and tax authorities, for oil and gas pipelines, renewable energy facilities, steel and aluminum mills, paper mills and converting facilities, and many other industries.  We’ve appraised assets all across the United States, and have provided expert witness testimony for litigation purposes.

Appraisal Management
If you’re an organization, such as a pension fund with real estate holdings that are geographically diverse, and require annual real estate appraisals where the appraiser must be rotated periodically, we understand the amount of time and effort that goes into selecting, coordinating and rotating the appraisers. Rather than burden your staff with such tasks, let Appraisal Economics assist you in this process. Our real estate appraisal professionals have first-hand experience with a large network of qualified real estate appraisers throughout the United States.

Appraisal Review
As part of your financial reporting, does your organization, in addition to periodic appraisals, require third party review of these appraisals? If so, Appraisal Economics can perform these services for you. Our appraisal reviews and advisory services can be custom tailored to specifically meet your needs. For example, in addition to assuring USPAP and FIRREA compliance, we can also review and comment on specific assumptions made in the appraisal by bench-marking to industry averages and comparing the assumptions to those made by market participants. We can also check the accuracy of financial models, specifically relating to current rents, future rent escalations, and tenant expense reimbursements. Not only do our appraisal review services provide assurance with respect to USPAP and FIRREA compliance, they also provide management with a precise summary of any items that we find which may impact market value.

Due Diligence
We all know that real estate acquisitions are complex transactions. Appraisal Economics can assist your organization in many aspects of this process. For example, we can provide market studies specific to your needs. We can also provide site inspection services and deliver our findings in customized reports. Perhaps the acquisition contains a number of complex leases, Appraisal Economics can create lease abstracts that summarize all of the major financial and legal terms of the lease for easier analysis.

Financial Modeling
It is not uncommon for an organization, whether through mergers or rapid growth, to be burdened with inconsistent real estate financial models. Appraisal Economics understands how time consuming it can be to standardize financial models for use in reporting and property management. Rather than burden your staff with such tasks, we can assist your organization in standardizing your financial models to best meet your needs.

Market and Feasibility Studies
True market and feasibility studies are complex undertakings and require a significant amount of research and analysis of real estate, demographic, and socioeconomic data. The skills necessary to perform these studies are a blend of real estate and economic expertise. Appraisal Economics has the talent to perform such studies in a highly proficient and expert manner.

A market study typically involves an evaluation of factors that influence the supply and demand for real estate in a particular market. This analysis is often paired with a marketability study, which evaluates these factors as they relate to the development potential of a specific site or building. The outcome of a marketability study is the identification of the potential market and investment risks. Both of these studies culminate in a feasibility study, which determines whether the expected returns on a particular project are sufficient to justify the market risk.

The most frequent users of these services include: developers, equity participants, lenders, government and quasi government organizations. The purpose of such studies include strategic planning and due diligence, property acquisition, asset sale, new and redevelopment projects, “work outs” of distressed properties, portfolio management, project financing, and deal structuring.

If your organization requires these services or is in need of assistance in performing such tasks, Appraisal Economics can help. Contact us today for more information on our real estate appraisal and advisory services.