Trademark Appraisals

The IRS questions the purchase price of several of your company’s trademarks and you find yourself in a complex litigation process. A Fortune 1000 company is looking to sell a trademark, or perhaps trying to determine the royalty rate for licensing purposes. Or, maybe you work for the IRS and you need to know the specific value of a company’s trademark. In all of these instances, knowing the value of trademarks becomes an important element in the overall process.

Many situations surrounding a trademark appraisal can be complex, but there are many benefits that a trademark valuation provides. Understanding their value can give added litigation support to an attorney. For example, when the IRS questions the purchase price of a trademark, an expert witness is needed to provide the trademark valuation. Appraisal Economics not only provides these accurate, objective trademark appraisals, but our professionals also have experience as expert witnesses in supporting trademark appraisals.

Also, only through a trademark valuation, can your company understand the purchase price for the sale of a trademark, or determine the royalty rate for licensing purposes. Trademarks, along with other intangible assets, play a large role in determining a company’s overall worth. Other intangible assets, such as patents, and tangible assets, like real estate, are also involved in providing an overall picture of a company’s worth.

Appraisal Economics is an international industry leader in helping communicate the value of these types of assets. We offer a full range of appraisal services, including patent valuation reports, solar projects and much more. Our proven methods help deliver results in a timely, accurate manner. Please contact our professionals for all of your valuation needs.

Calculating Trademark Value
While many situations benefit from trademark valuations, determining their value, however, can be a complex process. Companies need a dependable, accurate and objective trademark appraisal that is performed by an experienced firm. At Appraisal Economics, we strive to utilize the most up-to-date trademark valuation methods to ensure accurate reports that stand up in a court of law.

Our experts begin a trademark valuation by talking directly with the company’s management team. Our professionals will discuss historical records and financial projections for all the trademarks. We then conduct an in-depth market search to understand comparable trademarks, and associated royalty rates. We also consider historical investments, and promotions behind the trademarks. A thorough financial analysis is then completed. The financial analysis includes the development of all assumptions and valuation models necessary in determining both the royalty rate and the fair market value. Our trademark valuation services are respected throughout the industry, and are produced by professionals who provide the high-level of service that our clients have come to expect.

Expert Valuation Services
Appraisal Economics understands there are many situations that require accurate, objective trademark appraisals. Our professionals have recently valued over 30 well known trademarks owned by a major food company for litigation support in Tax Court. Our senior level team members acted as expert witnesses, providing testimony that backed our trademark appraisal.

Our valuation services for trademarks and other intangible assets are respected by the IRS and other regulatory and judiciary agents because of our exacting internal standards. Our senior members review every trademark appraisal to ensure we provide you with the most accurate, defensible valuation. It’s important that all of our appraisals meet or exceed relevant industry standards. Contact our professionals to ensure your company has the most accurate and objective trademark appraisal.

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