Fairness Opinion

With an outstanding reputation supported by years of experience, Appraisal Economics is a full service valuation firm that provides fairness opinions and solvency opinions.

Defining Fairness Opinions
A fairness opinion is frequently used to protect the interests of company directors, stockholders, investors and other parties involved financially in a proposed business transaction. This opinion is based on financial factors and provides an independent objective analysis of a proposed deal from the point of view of one or more of the parties involved. Fairness opinions also provide information about the proposed transaction to key decision makers. They are often requested in deals involving public offerings, leveraged buyouts or company refinancing/restructuring.

To avoid costly litigation, we recommend obtaining a fairness opinion before completing certain business transactions.

Solvency and Fairness Opinions
Similar to fairness opinions, solvency opinions are used to protect parties involved in a business deal. Solvency opinions are an effective means for lenders to protect their priority position in the event of a bankruptcy filing by a debtor. Solvency opinions allow lenders to present clear evidence of future solvency. Protect your business and learn more about the solvency opinion services available from Appraisal Economics.

Along with solvency opinions, a fairness opinion from Appraisal Economics is the result of a comprehensive analysis of the proposed transaction. Combined with our experience and credentials, our services are regularly utilized by both public and private corporations and boards of directors.

Conflicts of interest commonly threaten important deals, but a fairness opinion from Appraisal Economics offers the most effective strategy to resolving conflict. Contact us today to learn how our experience and first-rate credentials will result in a comprehensive fairness opinion to benefit your company.

Other Business Valuation Services
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