Transfer Pricing Business Valuation Services

Valuation Services
Appraisal Economics provides the following business valuation services: International Transfer Pricing and Tax Planning, Multi-State Tax Planning and Anti-Trust Analysis including Litigation Support and Damages Analysis. We have also provided opinions involving hundreds of billions of dollars of transactions throughout the U.S. and the world. Clients rely on our team of specialists for superior analyses, reports and expert testimony.

Your Need
In today’s fast paced global business world, you not only need quick access to good information, but also qualified expertise to help you understand that information. When it comes to complex economic analysis, Appraisal Economics supplies both high quality information and expertise in transfer pricing valuation services.

Our Track Record
We routinely provide economic studies for a wide variety of purposes. Our team of economists, engineers, tax, and financial professionals offer unsurpassed expertise in the area of economic and financial analysis. In international transfer pricing and tax planning, we have unparalleled expertise obtained from working with some of the largest multinational corporations on assignments involving businesses located in nearly every corner of the globe.

The Challenge:
The regulatory and income tax environment is becoming ever more complex and difficult to navigate safely, especially for the global player. Within the last decade, tax authorities around the world have redoubled their scrutiny of transactions that cross international boundaries. Recently, the IRS had several stunning victories in challenging very large and sophisticated multinational taxpayers. Multi-state tax planning is also under attack by state authorities. Anti-trust and damage litigation is on the rise, not only in the U.S. but around the world.

The stakes are unusually high, and today, business as usual can land your company in tax court before you know it.

Depth and Breadth of Experience
Credibility of the advice you rely on is the key to achieving a successful outcome if challenged by tax and regulatory authorities.

Our staff is experienced in providing economic consultation and advice in connection with the analysis of complex transactions and business arrangements for regulatory and tax compliance, planning, and litigation support purposes.

Tax Planning and Compliance

  • Inter-Company Transfer Pricing
  • Foreign Tax Credit Analysis
  • International Reorganization
  • Coordination of Multinational Tax Planning
  • Cross-border Leasing and Structured Finance

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Economic Analysis of Acquisition Targets
  • Country Risk Analysis
  • Hybrid Securities

Controversy Support Services

  • Case Development and Strategy Planning
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Services
  • Exposure Risk Assessment

Licensing Support

To learn more about our measured approach to transfer pricing and economic consulting, contact the professional team at Appraisal Economics today.