Business Valuation Definitions

What is Business Valuation?
A business valuation is used to establish the worth of a company or ownership interest. Business appraisal methodologies are used to determine the fair market value for potential sales and acquisitions.

At Appraisal Economics, we have the personnel, expertise and resources to provide timely business valuations, appraisals and other services in high-pressure or tight deadline situations.

The professionals at Appraisal Economics provide independent, unbiased opinions of the value for businesses of all sizes. They also place value on intangible assets such as trademarks, copyrights, employee agreements and more. In addition, our business valuation professionals may be involved in business appraisals for estate and gift tax returns, as well as securities litigation, and many other situations.

Business Valuation Functions
An accurate, defensible business valuation plays a critical role in many business situations. This can be an indispensable tool in establishing prices, justifying positions to stockholders and satisfying governmental concerns in the course of corporate mergers, acquisitions, refinancing and restructuring.

Business Valuation Calculation
Determining the true value of a company requires an accurate, defensible appraisal. From fairness opinions to stock valuation, Appraisal Economics has the skills, expertise, experience and resources necessary to provide a meaningful business valuation. We also stay current with all emerging trends in this rapidly changing area to adapt our own processes to provide our clients with superior business valuation and appraisal services.

Learn more about Appraisal Economics’ comprehensive business valuation services, including stock valuation, fairness opinions and more.

Additional Valuation Services
Appraisal Economics offers a wide variety of independent valuation services to business, financial and legal communities around the world. Take a moment to learn more about our industry expertise, in areas such as transfer pricing or intangible assets. For other information on services offered, contact Appraisal Economics or follow the links below:

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