Equipment Appraisals

Equipment Valuations & Tangible Assets
Tangible assets include land, buildings, site improvements, computers, furniture, machinery, vehicles, and other equipment. Equipment and machinery appraisals are a vital part of financial reporting, property taxes, insurance planning, asset based lending, and more. On a broader scale, equipment appraisals give your business the information it needs to establish values, satisfy governmental requirements in connection with mergers and acquisitions, facilitate loans, and retain the proper insurance coverage.

Accurate Equipment & Machinery Appraisal Services
Accurate equipment appraisals are critical. Appraisal Economics has the expertise, experience, and resources to analyze property and provide thorough equipment appraisals. Our comprehensive system for coding property provides for more detailed appraisals. At Appraisal Economics, we deliver timely equipment appraisals, and make sure that we meet your deadlines and expectations.

In addition to providing data for taxes, financial reporting, insurance, and lending, equipment appraisals also include analyses that determine the useful and remaining life of your equipment. Useful life equipment appraisal studies help businesses plan for future equipment acquisitions and capital outlays.

Machinery & Equipment Appraisals
Appraisal Economics is an international valuation firm. With clients like Alcoa, AT&T, Bristol-Myers Squibb, the Internal Revenue Service, and many others, our consultants are experienced in equipment appraisals and valuations throughout a wide array of industries.

Appraisal Economics has unparalleled equipment appraisal knowledge, and provides a consistently high level of service while meeting industry standards. We apply the most current and tested valuation techniques for our clients. Our equipment appraisals and reports meet or exceed all relevant professional standards and are highly respected throughout the industry and by regulatory agencies.

Business Valuations
Appraisal Economics offers a wide variety of independent valuation services to business, financial and legal communities around the world. Contact the professionals at Appraisal Economics to learn more about our industry expertise and services from business valuations to transfer pricing. For more information, please follow the links below:

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