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Definition of Cost Segregation
Cost segregation, also referred to as cost seg, is the process of determining property costs and components to calculate depreciation values for federal income tax. It works as a tax deferral tool by allowing property owners to accelerate the annual depreciation rate of their properties. Normally utilized in new construction, renovations or acquisitions, this process can reduce a property owner’s federal income tax by increasing annual property depreciation values.

The process of cost segregation consists of many important steps. In order to prepare a report, the property must undergo an appraisal to identify items that are eligible. The collection and analysis of all relevant project costs and engineering data are an important part of the cost seg process along with allocation of indirect project costs to direct project costs. Please take a moment to learn more about the other steps that are included in a cost segregation study from Appraisal Economics.

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Appraisal Economics is a service provider with the skill, expertise and resources to provide unsurpassed service. We believe a comprehensive, accurate and supportable cost segregation study has the potential to improve a company or organization’s financial standing by making sure all assets are taxed and depreciated in the most beneficial manner.

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