Asset Appraisal Services

Asset-Based Lending
Appraisal Economics values assets that serve as collateral for loans. Some intellectual property (IP) assets that serve as collateral include copyrights, patents, technology, trademarks, and trade names. Often, IP assets tend to act as “credit enhancers” and are included in a portfolio of assets that serves as collateral. (more)

Tangible Assets
Accurate, defensible valuations of tangible assets play a critical role in many business situations, ranging from the mundane to the esoteric. Our asset appraisal services provide accurate, defensible valuations for a variety of business situations. Real and personal property valuations are important for tax and financial reporting, asset monitoring, property insurance, ad valorem taxes and replacement budgeting. (more)

Intangible Assets
Because businesses are often worth far more than the sum of their hard assets and working capital, a crucial aspect of Appraisal Economics’ valuation and asset appraisal services involve assigning value to intangible assets. (more)

Machinery and Equipment
All of our machinery and equipment (M&E) appraisal work is supervised and performed by certified appraisers and engineers. These asset appraisal services conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). (more)

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