Despite ongoing political turmoil, President Joe Biden has maintained his commitment to major green initiatives such as environmentalism and climate change. The effects of his combined leadership and intentionality are poised to quite literally change the world.

Climate Change Awareness

Joe Biden continually and effectively raises awareness of the detrimental threats resulting from climate change. He coined a Clean Energy Revolution, which quickly gained momentum and outlined a plan to address major issues with a greater sense of urgency. The bold and influential address covers everything from individual health to national security as they are impacted by climate change.

Clean Energy Initiatives

Countries around the global have focused on finding solutions to the reliance on rapidly depleting fossil fuels. Large corporations and individual families alike are becoming increasingly aware of their carbon footprint. Several enterprising and lasting approaches to energy conservation have resulted from the education regarding and the pivot towards clean energy.

Solar and wind power are the most popular and easily attainable sources of sustainable energy. Developing nations and rural communities often struggle with some of the worst effects of pollution and climate change. At the same time, they are usually powerless to make positive changes because they lack resources to implement necessary improvements. Solar panels and wind turbines are inexpensive and dependable solutions for many of these at-risk communities.

Planning for Change

While it is certainly a lofty goal for the United States to host a carbon free power sector by 2035, Biden has planned for success. With more than $3 trillion allocated for climate change programs, the overall push for zero net emissions within the next three decades does seem plausible.

The initial implementation phases are an investment in the future, but these initiatives are not always met with applause. Detractors and corporate entities that want to move forward but are still tentative require education and understanding to make the best decisions. As the European Union and United States take the lead on wind and solar energy campaigns, the trickle down effect comes into play.

Incentives and Valuations

Incentives inspired by existing programs like the Paris agreement have sparked growing interest on a corporate level. Consumers are demanding that their favorite brands source and produce products with sustainable intentions and a solid dedication to positive or neutral environmental impact.

The push to end climate change comes with fiscal challenges for utility companies, government agencies, and private organizations. New systems may be required to capture cost savings, qualify for tax incentives, and accurately report data. Specific valuations for wind power and solar power are necessary to fully understand and assess the long term cost savings and other important information.

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