One of a Kind

Appraisal Economics has completed many unique, one-of-a-kind engagements that are difficult to classify into a specific industry. Sometimes the company, industry, products, or services are truly without equal, which requires the expertise of a particularly skilled team of appraisers. Complex engagements that require a high level of skill and deep industry experience are our specialty.


We have completed unusual assignments in some of the following industries:

  • Aerospace and defense contractors
  • Casino development options
  • Copyrights to music, books, and comic book characters
  • Museums
  • Private schools
  • Recycling and sanitation
  • Sports franchises including baseball, football, and basketball

Recent Valuation Projects

Some of our recent projects have included:

  • The valuation of geosynchronous satellite orbital slots as part of a private equity-backed leveraged buyout of a multi-billion dollar satellite services provider
  • Valuing a minority interest in a holding company that owns several thousand bottles of old, rare wines stored in France
  • Determining the value of certain draft rights held by an NFL team, for litigation support purposes
  • Serving as an expert witness in a jury trial to determine the damages related to private equity interests, in which our client received an eight-figure award.
  • Valuing the “secret” recipe of a popular mayonnaise for a major food manufacturer, in connection with an acquisition
  • Valuing the copyrights, along with other intellectual property, of a major comic book publisher for financing purposes
  • Valuing receivables related to several exposed Ponzi schemes, including that of Bernard L. Madoff, based on the amounts, timing, and probability of potential restitution

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Appraisal Economics has provided valuation services for clients in the medical, pharmaceutical, and biotech industry for over 30 years.  We understand the intricacies of this industry and are equipped to handle your particular needs.  Please contact us or call +1 201 265 3333 for more information.